Welcome to IPASS - Issuing and Paying Agent Services System

IPASS, a secure Internet-based system, meets all of your money market instruments processing needs. Whether you issue Commercial Paper, Medium-Term Notes (MTNs), Banker's Acceptances (BAs) or Certificates of Deposit (CDs), IPASS provides you with your balance information, transaction details and analysis tools without requiring you to maintain special software or a dedicated computer. Our user-friendly system lets you customize reports to meet your needs and preferences. The system also provides highly flexible export capability, allowing you to download your trade data into popular reporting formats such as Excel, HTML, and pdf.

To navigate within IPASS, please use the navigation buttons located along the top of the pages. For the best overall performance we recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer (11 or higher).

If you require a password reset or general assistance, please contact your Issuing and Paying Agent account representative or send an email to IPA.US@bofa.com (US) or IPA.Europe@bofa.com (EMEA).

Frequently Asked Questions